Ruminations on Zones infusion Part 2, Take 2

So I completed this and lost in the confusion. I had infact though I had already posted it however, here we go take two.

After some lengthy discussions and some poking and proding I may have gotten something stuff sorted out.

Looking in the waveform you may be able to see when the trigger goes high(is pulled), it takes ~3.45 miliseconds before the infrared starts(~2.45ms before the laser does). One can also note the laser is on a .1 ms before the infrared starts.

One can also see that that the infrared signal last ~76.2 ms but repeats so each packet is ~38.1 ms

Whats the point of all this?

The red dot theory certainly has some credence assuming two players tagging each other fire less then .1 ms difference in time, which doesn't seem that unlikely in a highly timing dependant situation. This however leaves questions, when does a pack stop listening to the infrared? I'm assuming sometime after the start signal (the big wide uptick in image 2). While all lasers continue to "fire" after whatever excitation source is removed (how long may be the subject of more research), this is probably a negligable effect in this instance.

On another closing note I had heard that holding the trigger down causes the pack to fire as soon as its able even had some success using this, however had no luck getting this to work the last time I was there. Wether there was another firmware change, my slender grasp on reality is even less then I believed, or my memory remains un-trust worthy I will never know. But I'll attempt this next time I can. (forgot again)

I'm also going to try and get some video of the base to check out if the apromixate 1,1,2 timing is true.

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