Tron wants the d-fence

So in tron it seems more then most systems the advantage is on the defender. Because of trons arenas and the kinds of obstacles you typically find which make good cover and transversing long distances hard. Because one is also allowed to cover ones gun sensor on walls this affect is even larger. Not to mention that in chips mode one can continue to tag inactive opponents all the way to the base. It seems the better teams are pretty defensively minded in tron for this reason only attacking when their opponents onslaught has been weakend. So remember kids, tron wants the d-fense.

Whats the ratio heratio?

I'm often looking at my score cards for my hit ratio, this being one of the usefull accessible metrics. If you do better then a one to one in my home system you took in more points then you gave out. Of course this means in other systems where the sensors are not worth the same amount for the same sensor this doesn't nessicarily mean the same thing.

Hit Ratio its common form and as presented here is the number of times you tagged someone else divided by the number of tags you recieved.




Update your damn site 5

Welcome to another joyous day where we find out the last time the internet wayback machine found changes in a site. Today's winner is none-other then Adequate .
This site is actually a lot more sparse then I remember. Probably containing less then 50 pages (some of which are soon to become "sources" for the wiki) and some generally great stylization.

The case for beginners brackets

A beginners bracket is a separate group in a different tournament, that only allows or only attracts non-top tier teams. This can be accomplished by having the beginner bracket not having a trophy for the winners, no prize, or having entry requiring approval from a tournament coordinator. The basic purpose is to allow these second-tier teams to have a fair chance to complete, play against players at or around their own skill level as well as increase the competitiveness of the top tier bracket.

Update your damn site 4

Update your damn site 4
Edit: This entire article is no longer applicable because the web master did the impossible, and updated his damn site.

Now we tackle a site run by a friend of mine. Or at least someone I know has ftp access. I know the supense is killing you. The winner is The splash screen is cool well edited video good use of css, but lets look at the links one by one.

Update your damn site 3

Tonight winner is as well as being one of the longest domain names i have ever seen (possibly top ten) it also says proudly that it is running in 2009. Gee maybe i'll attend. Actually i might have? Laser tron your supporting your tournament and offering real cash prizes props for that. Why does is your website 4 years outdated? Your doing something good why not advertise it?

The sport of lasertag

Warning: This article contains coarse language, slurs, and general ass hatery, most of which was directly transcribed from old comedy bit.

Here I’ll argue that lasertag is indeed a sport. I'll present two common definitions of sports, one set by George Carlin, and an abridged one set forth by Wikipedia. Carlin’s definition is not by any means a real definition of sport but does closely follow the "common sense" definition of sport.

Update your damn site 2

Welcome to the exciting world of dilapidated, or other disused websites. Tonight winner is I remember this site when it first came around, it was great, in depth if kinda softball pitching questions;I can only assume written by a person who's grasp of English was worse then mine. That was awesome it was a fully featured site with lots of content and there was even information I didn't know and actually cared about. Sweet then came the dark days...

Review of quests "new" packs

So laser quest replaced their pack plastics, the gun, the front and back, with clear plastics. That which used to be be black is now trasparent, or at least translucent. Some of the non flat parts remain kind of hazy or possibly ridden with bubbles. The packs also seem lighter but this might be from when they went from nicad to lithium batteries.

Rock Paper Scissors theory of lasertag

This theory states that there isn't nessicarily a direct relationship between how players do in lasertag with there actual skill. This is because play style and player style dictate that players are not equally equiped to handle different situations despite being otherwise equal. To otherwise compound this situation in some situations; player A can beat player B, player B can beat player C
however player C can beat player A.


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